Barking cough? It’s probably croup

My oldest daughter had many episodes of croup as a toddler, which included one ER trip!


It’s frightening every time you hear it: that harsh, raspy cough that sounds like a seal barking. Chances are it’s croup— a common infection that’s usually nothing to worry about, but could be serious if you don’t know the warning signs.
Here, find out what causes croup, the signs you…
Barking cough? It’s probably croup

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Do you know what to look for during a self-breast exam?

Many women do not know!

Breast Cancer 101: Do you know what you’re looking for? Watch this!

Cynicism linked to Dementia?


Although researchers also found a link between cynical distrust and mortality, this was nonsignificant after adjustment for behavioral factors, self-reported health status, and especially socioeconomic background.
Along with previous evidence, the current results suggest that life view and personality can affect a person's health.
"The findings of this study propose that psychosocial and behavioral risk factors may be modifiable targets for prevention of dementia," the researchers, with senior author Anna-Maija Tolppanen, PhD, Department of Neurology, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, conclude. "It may thus be possible to improve life quality by attempting to change people's attitudes to a more positive direction."

Those with the highest level of cynical distrust had on average a 40% higher risk for death compared with those who had the lowest cynical distrust. The association remained essentially the same after adjustment for cardiovascular risk factors, but when socioeconomic factors, smoking, alcohol consumption, and self-reported health were also considered, "the association was abolished," said the authors.

Medscape Medical News, 28 May 2014 “Cynicism linked to Dementia”.

An Ode to Fiber

An Ode to Fiber

Don't Weight For Change

Yesterday I had a conversation with my uncle about why juice isn’t as healthy as whole fruit, and I wanted to share this information with my readers, because I think it’s one of the most important nutrition concepts to understand. That concept has everything to do with fiber.

Consuming enough fiber is absolutely essential for health, and it can only be found in plants; in other words, in whole fruits, whole vegetables, and whole grains. I italicized the word “whole” because very often when these plant foods are refined (think white bread and fruit juice), the refining process completely eliminates the fiber. 

Here are some great things fiber does:

  • It swells up in your stomach so that you feel more satiated 
  • It delays the release of sugar into your blood, which is especially important if you have or are at risk for diabetes
  • It lowers blood cholesterol, thereby lowering…

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