6 foods that help fight the flu


Getting your flu shot isn?t the only way you can help prevent the flu. What you eat can also help lower your odds of coming down with a nasty bug, says Rachel Berman, R.D., health content manager for About.com. Check out her favorite flu-preventing foods:
6 foods that help fight the flu

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Why take your resting heart rate?

Why take your resting heart rate?

Wise Cycle Training Limited

Resting heart rate is very useful for monitoring on-going health, fitness and recovery from training. It can be used as an early indicator of illness, overtraining and of your increased level of fitness. It’s not just useful for coaches either, it’s such a simple idea that everyone can interprete and utilize it.

So what is your resting heart rate, sometimes known as RHR? It really is just that, your heart rate at rest. Heart rate is the speed your heart beats, measured over a period of one minute, so your units for heart rate are beats per minute or BPM. In this case the heart rate we are looking for is the one that your body sits at when idle, like your car’s tick-over. The fitter and healthier you are the lower your heart rate will be at idle.

There are lots of different ways of taking this measurement; some…

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Ebola Virus: Dr. Ada Igonoh Survival Story

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Dr Ada Igonoh  As Nigeria battles with the outbreak of Ebola, we consistently commend the dedication and selflessness of the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Lives have been lost, and families have had to undergo the trauma of isolation. The fear of the unknown even very crippling. We read about the numbers in the news, but when we put a face to the news reports, it brings it home. Dr. Ada Igonoh of First Consultants Hospital is one of the doctors who attended to Patrick Sawyer. She was infected by the virus and miraculously, she survives to share her story.

It is a long read but definitely worth reading as Dr. Ada details her experience. It’s a really gripping read which shows the story of strength, faith and dedication. We are grateful to Ada for sharing her story with us.

On the night of Sunday July 20, 2014, Patrick Sawyer was…

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The Darkest Night

The Darkest Night

Good realistic account of depression!

Monique Ruffin

The past year, a dark cloud of depression rolled in and stationed itself right above me. And even though I’ve always felt that I was coming undone just a little, over the past months I felt myself coming undone in ways I wasn’t accustomed to.

It feels like I spent the better part of this year either 1) on my sofa sleeping, or 2) at my altar praying. I’d rise from my sofa to meditate and recite a chant or mantra that could fill the negative space in my mind until I needed to do it again. On the days my son was home, for the most part I found the strength to be present with him. There were even days when I’d venture out to my local Peet’s Coffee & Tea and connect with people in my community. But even when I was laughing a hard belly laugh about…

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