Migraine Free (No Whammies!)

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A week ago today—because you bet I’ve been keeping track—marked six months since I’ve had a migraine. This is a BIG deal, friends. After a sixteen-year struggle with the things, which would come on at semi-regular intervals and render me incapacitated for 24-36 hours, this is a freedom I have to acknowledge and celebrate.

:throws confetti:

My triggers were many over the years. Most significantly was every woman’s bosom buddy: hormones. But sometimes stress, overstimulation, extended periods of sunlight or noise. A delayed meal, dehydration. Other times my susceptibility was inexplicable. (Say that five times super-fast.)

I charted food, MSG, caffeine, but could never pinpoint something I was (or wasn’t) ingesting as a cause. My doc put me on a regimen of proven-to-help vitamins, which only leveled out my “normal” everyday headaches. I tried innumerable tricks and suggested remedies.

ID-10018289 This photo doesn’t look like confetti to me, but it’s what…

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Safety with Medication

Safety with Medication

Leon Medical Centers Blog

nuchyleeIf you are a senior citizen or a caregiver you are dealing with a big amount of medicines. Aren’t you? This is something to take care about.

“The average senior citizen uses more than five different medications each day. This does not count nonprescription (over-the-counter drugs). As many as 90% of seniors also use herbal remedies and vitamins. While there is risk associated with each type of medication – including side effects, allergic reactions or interactions with food, alcohol or other drugs – the risk is magnified in seniors as they are typically more sensitive to these effects”, says Seymour Ehrenpreis and Eli D. Ehrenpreis.

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Mental Illness…Let’s Not Forget

Mental Illness…Let’s Not Forget

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08_Untreated Mental Illnesses
Often times, mental health is considered less of a priority in comparison to physical health. However, when mental and physical health treatment coincide, positive outcomes are increased.

Consider this, if an individual treated a diagnosis of depression just as seriously as a diagnosis of hypertension or diabetes, the level of compliance with medication would likely increase.

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No more medical stitches thanks to 3D printing

No more medical stitches thanks to 3D printing

The power of technology!

Zeus 3D News

Who has not ever had medical stitches in his life?

A student at Brunel University in England, Andrew Guscott, is developing a project for 2030 called ”Suture” which consists on a device that removes the need for medical stitches, while also preventing the scarring of human tissue. Suture uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to fuse damaged skin back together, leaving no scarring whatsoever.
Researchers hope one day this device will be able to perform “bloodless surgery” without the need for scalpels, or sutures.


Another of the most impressive things about this technology; apart from the fact that some researchers believe that high intensity ultra sound will be capable of destroying cancerous tissue in a very precise manner; is that every part is 3D printed by Form1, a Formlabs printer.


“All parts were printed on a standard Form1, except the screen, which is acrylic,” explained Guscott. “The ‘head’ was printed in clear and polished on the outside, sand blasted…

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