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Who has not ever had medical stitches in his life?

A student at Brunel University in England, Andrew Guscott, is developing a project for 2030 called ”Suture” which consists on a device that removes the need for medical stitches, while also preventing the scarring of human tissue. Suture uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to fuse damaged skin back together, leaving no scarring whatsoever.
Researchers hope one day this device will be able to perform “bloodless surgery” without the need for scalpels, or sutures.


Another of the most impressive things about this technology; apart from the fact that some researchers believe that high intensity ultra sound will be capable of destroying cancerous tissue in a very precise manner; is that every part is 3D printed by Form1, a Formlabs printer.


“All parts were printed on a standard Form1, except the screen, which is acrylic,” explained Guscott. “The ‘head’ was printed in clear and polished on the outside, sand blasted…

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