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Avocados good for more than shining green shoes

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There’s more to the avocado than just something to eat, or something for shining green shoes, but then that would be silly. The folks at the Hass Avocado Board who keep track of these things say Americans eat about 1.9 billion pounds of the stuff each year. That’s about four and a quarter billion avocados, or around 13.5 avocados for every man, woman, and child in the USA. Angelenos eat the most, a bit more than 293 million a year, with the folks in Dallas and Houston right up there. While you’re enjoying your avocado, you’re also getting a lot of nutrition. Vitamin K leads the way with 26 percent of our recommended daily allowance. Vitamin K helps with the good kind of blood clotting. It builds stronger bones, and helps prevent heart disease. It also is known by the letter K, which is not the same as potassium, which…

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FMD: A Hidden Threat for Middle-Aged Women