Shallow breathing!

Mind Chirp


While incorporating mindful meditation into your daily life has immense benefits, it is essential sustain your relaxation techniques after a session and throughout your day. I was feeling extremely restless and apprehensive this afternoon yet I could not exactly say why. I mean, I knew of the different things giving me stress but I could not pinpoint why today I felt overly anxious. Then I stopped for a moment, in a state of feeling overwhelmed, and tried to exercise awareness. What I noticed was that I had been inadvertently working myself up through improper breathing. Each breath drawn was shallower than the last and this had been causing a whole lot of unnecessary tension. I noticed this physically when I finally took a deep breath and immediately felt the difference. You try!…take a deep breath and see if you feel different after.

I sat down for ten minutes and simply…

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3 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

The Midnight Station


Taking care of ourselves is highly undervalued. Perhaps we do not measure it as important against the visions we have of our future selves or perhaps we somehow perceive it as selfish and shallow. But taking care of ourselves is instrumental to anything we want out of life, because our success ultimately comes down to us, the health of our mind and body. Here are three ways to help us take better care of ourselves:

1. Take your own advice

How many times have we given our best advice to a friend or acquaintance but blatantly ignored it when we find ourselves in the same situation? Those of us who are guilty need to stop. Why do we have different rules for ourselves? We need to start seeing ourselves as worthy of happiness, love and strength. Give yourself some credit and let yourself have the best chance.

2. Sleep well

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Stress effects on skin aging


Quiet your mind, calm your body.         
Radiance is more than skin deep. Now is the time to focus on slowing down the aging process internally. All skin care in the world will not make a difference if you do not maintain your emotional and physical health. If you are tired, depressed, or tense, or if you cannot sleep, your glow will fade. If you are addicted to sugar, consider fast food a treat, or cannot fit exercise into your busy life, you will look and feel worse. Your health will go on a downward spiral along with your looks. My philosophy on self care is grounded in the need to make conscious choices about the way you live your life, from your emotions and attitude to your diet and physical activity. Your mind and body are intimately connected. The brain is the power source, the commander, the CEO, and the…

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