Can An Unconventional Piercing Rid You of Migraine Pain?




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Venous disorders are exceedingly common, with more than 50 percent of the population showing some manifestations of these disorders, such as varicose or spider veins, by age 65. Venous disorders are often simply unsightly, but in many cases can cause leg pain, swelling, phlebitis, nonhealing ulcers of the skin, and other serious problems.

Despite the very widespread and sometimes serious nature of venous disorders, they are not aggressively diagnosed or treated. Part of the problem is that venous reflux, the most common cause of venous problems, is poorly understood. Most health care professionals don’t understand the pathophysiology of the disease, and that often results in delays in getting the proper treatment.

Venous reflux (also known as venous insufficiency) occurs when venous valves don’t function adequately, leading to reversal of blood flow through the valves during standing or sitting.

Venous reflux most commonly occurs when vein valves weaken due to genetic…

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